TRACK: Seven Days In Sunny June
ARTIST: Jamiroquai
ALBUM: Dynamite
50 plays
TRACK: Blindsided
ARTIST: Bon Iver
ALBUM: For Emma, Forever Ago
138 plays
TRACK: Daydream in Blue
ARTIST: I Monster
144 plays
TRACK: Instant Crush
ARTIST: Daft Punk, Julian Casablancas
ALBUM: Random Access Memories
338 plays


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TRACK: Drop It Like It's Hot
ARTIST: Snoop Dog
212 plays
TRACK: The Young Ones
ARTIST: Cliff Richard
122 plays
TRACK: The Fear
ARTIST: Lily Allen
180 plays
TRACK: At Least It Was Here
ARTIST: The 88
ALBUM: Community
152 plays
TRACK: What Ever Happened?
ARTIST: The Strokes
ALBUM: Room On Fire
338 plays