TRACK: re: stacks
ARTIST: Bon Iver
ALBUM: For Emma, Forever Ago
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TRACK: Oedipus
ARTIST: Regina Spektor
ALBUM: Mary Ann Meets The Gravediggers And Other Short Stories
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TRACK: Littlest Things
ARTIST: Lily Allen
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TRACK: Somewhere Out There
ARTIST: Donald Glover & Danny Pudi
ALBUM: Community (Soundtrack)
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The year is 2064. You’re in your car, the grandkids are sitting in the back and you turn on some Beatles music.

"Aww, Grandma, do we really have to listen to this?" they’ll say, "This song is a hundred years old!"

And the freaky thing is, they won’t be exaggerating.

this post fucked me up

TRACK: I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)
ARTIST: The Four Tops
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TRACK: The Pretender
ARTIST: Foo Fighters
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TRACK: Don't Sleep In The Subway
ARTIST: Petula Clark
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TRACK: The Middle
ARTIST: Jimmy Eat World
ALBUM: Bleed American
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TRACK: Fake Plastic Trees
ARTIST: Radiohead
ALBUM: The Bends
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