TRACK: Blackbird
ARTIST: The Beatles
ALBUM: White Album
266 plays
TRACK: I Fall To Pieces
ARTIST: Patsy Cline
2,693 plays
TRACK: I'm Lost Without You
ARTIST: Blink-182
ALBUM: Feeling This
378 plays
TRACK: Not The Doctor
ARTIST: Alanis Morissette
ALBUM: Jagged Little Pill
148 plays


"this has no lyrical content and its garbage"

shut up bitch im tryna get wild not contemplate my existence

TRACK: Snow Falls Down
ARTIST: The Peppermint Lounge
118 plays
TRACK: Send Someone Away
ARTIST: Embee (Feat. José González)
ALBUM: Tellings From Solitaria
122 plays
ARTIST: Regina Spektor
438 plays
TRACK: Demon Host
ARTIST: Timber Timbre
ALBUM: Timber Timbre
112 plays
TRACK: How to Explain
ARTIST: The Cat Empire
ALBUM: Two Shoes
224 plays